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Performance Physios' road to Spring Challenge

Erikana, Nicky and Amz have joined forces to take on the 3- hour Spring Challenge Adventure Rogaine that takes place in Cromwell at the end of September. Three, very novice "rogainers." Join us in our hilarious journey as we learn the "do's" and "dont's" of rogaining.

Spring Challenge is an annual women's only adventure race which involves mountain biking, rafting and hiking. Let's not forget the navigation that goes with it. We have a vast range of abilities and skills in our team; little of which involves map- reading and mountain biking. However, we have had a great time so far navigating our way through some local orienteering courses, bush- wacking, getting lost, muddy mountain biking, getting lost, hill walking.. and did I mention getting lost.

Last Sunday, Nicky, Amz, Matty (Amy's husband) and dog Kobe- ventured to Spencer Park to try our hand at the 'advanced' level permanent orienteering course there and overall not a bad attempt.

This weekend we have entered into the MTB Rogaine at Bottlelake Forest. Currently trying to work out how to read a map and ride a bike at the same time. Will keep you posted!

Took us a while to find this control- deep in the bush

Still all smiles at the end

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