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At Performance Physio we believe we can make a difference. We pride ourselves on not just treating the area of pain, but investigating beyond the presenting symtpoms to find the underlying cause of the condition. We combine a hands-on aporoach with exercise perscription and education to ensure patients have a full understanding of their rehabilitaion plan to help promote health and wellbeing long after physio treatment has finished! 

Sports Physiotherapy

From Weekend Warriors to Professional athletes, we understand the physical demands sport puts on your body. We look after various teams ranging from school to national levels and have a variety of special interests from our physios within in the clinic including netball, rugby, hockey, squash, triathlon and endurance sports. We provide services to Mainland Tactix Netball, Mainland Beko Netball and the Burnside International Rugby Programme.


Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing, to improve functioning and to help relieve pain. Dry needling, a form of acupuncture, is becoming increasing popular as a means of muscle tension release. We have qualified physiotherapists in both forms of acupuncture who are happy to help if you are seeking this service




Muscle Balance Assessment

Muscle balance assessment is a tool for identifying potential biomechanical problems. Identified risk factors can then be addressed via local treatment and exercise prescription. At Performance Physio we provide specific assessment for athletes but apply the muscle balance principles to all our patients. For a specific muscle balance assessment please allow one hour for your initial appointment.



Caryl Evans is our onsite Neuromuscular / Massage Therapist who works closely with physiotherapy staff. Caryl offers massages ranging from 30 to 60 minutes in duration. Specialising in the treatment of chronic pain conditions (eg headaches, migraines and jaw dysfunction). Caryl is also able to provide relaxation massage to help with stress related conditions. Please ask our reception staff for pricing.


We provide strapping services to improve support and stability where required to help prevent further injury. We also do independent strappings at a cost of $5.00. 

Clinical Pilates

As an athlete it is essential to have a strong core to provide a stable base of support from which to move your arms and legs.  Pilates is a form of body conditioning developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1930’s. 


Physiotherapists developed the Clinical Pilates concept in the 1990’s using the original theories combining with expert knowledge of injury diagnosis, management and prevention.  The focus is on strengthening the body’s core muscles around the abdomen, lower back, pelvic and scapular regions, therefore enabling the body to move efficiently and thereby enhancing performance. 


Clinical Pilates is a safe way to strengthen core muscles and is designed to help you recover from injuries and prevent further musculoskeletal problems from developing. Pilates programmes are designed to enhance the performance ability of all active individuals whether novice or elite.

Each programme will be tailored to one’s specific sport needs therefore enhancing their functional stability.

Exercise Prescription

Implementation of specific exercises plays an integral role in rehabilitatng an injury. At Performance Physiotherapy we will prescribe specific exercises for you depending on your specific needs.

We also provide exercise programmes to meet the needs of those with specific medical problems

  • Cardiac disease

  • Diabetes

  • Neck/Back pain

  • Headaches

  • Weight modification 

  • Osteoporosis

  • Falls risk

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Muscle Balance Assessment
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